Heraldry Decals & Design Commissions

for War-gamers & Longbow Archers

CitadelSix Custom Design, Four Ways, Bighton Lane, Gundleton, Alresford, Hants SO24 9SW, United Kingdom

Use keywords to help find products you are looking for on this website.

Use keywords to help find products you are looking for on this website.

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Welcome to CitadelSix Custom Design’s website.

CitadelSix Custom Design is the home of high quality heraldic water-slide decals, created to make your miniatures stand out from the others on the war-gaming table. Whether fantasy or historic, your army will be unique.

Most popular gaming scales catered for, from 15mm to 54mm.

Large range of designs available to choose from and more being added all the time, or if you don’t see any that catch your eye, then contact me to commission your very own heraldry, decals and decal-sets.

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Heraldry decals for Longbow Archers

High quality heraldic Crests and personalised, numbered Arrow-wrap water-slide decals for Longbow Archers, also available on request.

Personalise your arrows, longbow and equipment for easy identification.

Sets of 20 Personalised Crests or 12 Numbered Arrow-wraps with or without Crests designed and produced to your requirements.

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