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Here’s the latest news update (JULY 2017).

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NEW product releases for July 2017

28mm Wars of the Roses sets

Three new Yorkist Banners & Standards sets:

H28-WRYVS36 - Sir John de Clinton of Amington, 5th Lord Clinton

H28-WRYVS37 - Sir Edward Brook of Holditch, 6th Lord Cobham

H28-WRYVS38 - Sir Richard Grey of Powys, Lord Grey.

Two new Yorkist Livery Badges sets:

H28-WRYIS47 - Sir Edmund, 4th Baron Grey of Ruthin, 1st EARL of KENT

H28-WRYIS48 - Sir Thomas, 3th Lord Grey, 1st MARQUIS of DORSET.

Two new Yorkist Battle Retinue sets:

H28-WRYRS27 - Sir Edmund, 4th Baron Grey of Ruthin, 1st EARL of KENT

H28-WRYRS28 - Sir Thomas, 3th Lord Grey, 1st MARQUIS of DORSET.

Two REVISED Lancastrian Livery Badges and one REVISED Lancastrian Banners & Standards sets (See Heraldry Notes page for the reasons for these revisions):

H28-WRLIS02 - Livery badges of Sir John de Vere, 13th EARL of OXFORD (alternate badges)

H28-WRLIS15 - Livery badges of Henry, 7th Lord Grey of Codnor

H28-WRLVS03 - Banners & Standards of Sir John de Vere, 12th & 13th EARLs of OXFORD.

15mm Wars of the Roses Banners & Standards sets

Ten Lancastrian and four Yorkist Banners & Standards sets added, as follows:

H15-WRLVS03 - John de Vere, 12th & 13th EARLs of OXFORD

H15-WRLVS04 - Edward Plantagenet, PRINCE OF WALES

H15-WRLVS05 - Henry Beaufort, 3rd DUKE of SOMERSET

H15-WRLVS06 - Sir Thomas Courtenay of Oakhampton, 5th EARL of DEVON

H15-WRLVS07 - Sir Henry Percy of Alnwick, 2nd, 3rd & 4th EARLs of NORTHUMBERLAND

H15-WRLVS08 - Henry Holland, 3rd DUKE of EXETER

H15-WRLVS09 - Sir Humphrey Stafford, 1st DUKE of BUCKINGHAM

H15-WRLVS10 - Sir Henry Stafford, 2nd DUKE of BUCKINGHAM

H15-WRLVS11 - Sir John Talbot, 2nd & 3rd EARLs of SHREWSBURY

H15-WRLVS12 - Sir Anthony Woodville of the Mote, 2nd EARL RIVERS & Lord Scales

H15-WRYVS09 - Sir Henry Bourchier of Pleshey, 1st EARL of ESSEX

H15-WRYVS10 - Sir William Herbert of Raglan, 1st EARL of PEMBROKE

H15-WRYVS11 - Sir Thomas Howard of Ashwellthorpe, EARL of SURREY

H15-WRYVS12 - Sir William FitzAlan, 11th EARL of ARUNDEL.

28mm General Heraldry pages and new sets

To make navigation of the website a little easier, the General Heraldry page has been lifted out of the 28mm Historic section and given its own main page - 28mm General Heraldry. This improvement also allows additional ranges, currently under development, to be added in the future without having to restructure the website further. So, Fields & Furs and the first of the new ranges, Heraldic Beasts, have their own pages under the 28mm General Heraldry heading.

The first releases of Heraldic Beasts decal-sets are for Eagles, Griffins and Lions and have the product codes GH28-HBES01 - GH28-HBES10, GH28-HBGS01 - GH28-HBGS08 and GH28-HBLS01 - GH28-HBLS09 respectively, all priced at £2.50 + 20% EU VAT (Price code DDS0). As with all the Fields & Furs sets, these new sets are all printed on CLEAR decal carrier film.

Further Heraldic Beasts sets are planned for release later this quarter.

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Further product releases for 3Q 2017