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The Livery Badges, Banners & Standards* and Retinue sets are designed for use, or are compatible, with the following ranges of plastic and metal miniatures:

*  Banners & Standards sets contain 60mm brass wire banner staffs and photo-etched brass foil banner and standard blanks.

Product pricing

Livery badges

70mm X 105mm (⅛ sheet size) sets

£3.75 Price code ES0

Banners & Standards*

70mm X 105mm (⅛ sheet size) sets

£5.25 Price code ES1

100mm X 105mm (1/6 sheet size) sets

£6.75 Price code SS1

105mm X 140mm (¼ sheet size) sets

£10.00 Price code QS1

Battle Retinues

Variable pricing based on set contents, but less than buying the combined sets individually.


Wars of the Roses

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